11th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

July 12-16, 2017
Delphi, Greece

Contributed Talks

The list of contributed talks is in random order. The links to authors' web pages are as provided by EasyChair.

Inessa Pavlyuk and Sergey Sudoplatov.
On Families of Theories of Abelian Groups
Vladislav Nenchev.
An Improved Algorithm for Representation in Relational Mereotopology
Erick Garcia Ramirez.
Non-Archimedean Stratifications in Power Bounded T-convex Fields
Konstantinos Tsaprounis.
An Overview of the C(n)-large Cardinals
Andrey Sariev and Hristo Ganchev.
Definability of the Jump Operator in the ω-enumeration Degrees
Incorrect Moves and Testable States
Tomasz Skura.
The Greatest Paraconsistent Analogue of Intuitionistic Logic
A Method for Companionability, Applied to Group Actions and Valuations
Ekaterina Fokina, Dino Rossegger and Luca San Mauro.
Reducibility and Bi-reducibility Spectra of Equivalence Relations
An Analogue of Hilbert's Tenth Problem for the Ring of Exponential Sums
Modal Depth of Formulas in K45 and K5
Nonequational Stable Groups
Mitko Yanchev.
PSPACE Reasoning in an Expressive Description Logic with Rational Grading
Online Learning of Logical Theories for Complex Event Recognition
Proof Mining: An "Effective" Program (Even) for Ineffective Mathematics
Model Theory, Topological Dynamics and Descriptive Set Theory
Computable Bi-embeddable Categoricity of Equivalence Structures
Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos and Martino Lupini.
Games Orbits Play and Obstructions to Borel Reducibility
Brouwer, Kleene, Kripke and the End of Time
Ulla Karhumäki.
Groups of Finite Morley Rank with a Finitary Automorphism Group
On Some Mathematical Aspects of Leitgeb's Theory of Groundedness
Michał Tomasz Godziszewski and Joel David Hamkins.
Computable Quotient Presentations of Models of Arithmetic and Set Theory
Michał Tomasz Godziszewski.
Yablo Sequences in Partial Semantics and Potentially Infinite Domains
Michał Tomasz Godziszewski.
Short Elementary Cuts in Countable Recursively Saturated Models of Arithmetic
Michał Tomasz Godziszewski and Dariusz Kalociński.
Expressiveness and Complexity of Similarity Quantifiers%
Gabriel Conant.
Stability and Sparsity in Sets of Natural Numbers
An Analogue of Hilbert's Tenth Problem for Rings of Analytic Functions of Many Variables
G. A. Kavvos.
A Type-Theoretic Alternative to LISP
Franca D' Agostini.
Conjunctive Paraconsistency and the Law of Non-Dialetheia
Semiotic Systems in Pragmatics
The Complexity of Probabilistic Justification Logic
Theofanis Aravanis, Pavlos Peppas and Mary-Anne Williams.
Epistemic-entrenchment Characterization of Parametrized Difference Revision Operators
Theofanis Aravanis and Pavlos Peppas.
Six Degrees of Separation in Answer Set Programming
Antonis Achilleos, Luca Aceto, Anna Ingolfsdottir and Adrian Francalanza.
The Complexity of Identifying Characteristic Formulas for muHML
Aristotle, Leibniz, and Beyond
Constantinos Dimitracopoulos and Vasilis Paschalis.
End Extensions of Models of Arithmetic Theories, II
Theodoros Papamakarios.
Tableau Complexity Measures