11th Panhellenic Logic Symposium

July 12-16, 2017
Delphi, Greece

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Participants will be asked to pay a registration fee. The fee can be paid at the reception, upon receiving the badge and the other materials of the symposium. Alternative ways of payment will be announced in due time.

The registration fee covers:

  • Symposium attendance
  • Symposium proceedings
  • Coffee breaks and joint lunches (1 or 2) that will be offered at the Delphi center
  • Excursion, including dinner
  • Transportation to and from Athens’ airport with a scheduled bus (details will be announced in due time)

Registration fees

  • Normal registration fee (for participants who will reclaim it from professional/academic sources): 150€
  • Normal student registration fee (for students who will reclaim it from professional/academic sources): 100€
  • Reduced registration fee (for participants who will cover it from own sources): 75€
  • Reduced student registration fee (for students and also for unemployed): 35€

Student or unemployed participants are expected to provide proof of studentship or unemployment upon registration.

Electronic registration

Registrations will be done online through www.easyconferences.org. Participants may pay instantly using their credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD), or they may choose to pay through the bank. A one-stop-shop software is used for the whole registration process. The whole process is easy to use, secure, and can be completed in a few minutes.

Registration Steps

  • Create an easyconferences account through www.easyconferences.org.
  • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent into your email account.
  • Log into www.easyconferences.org and create your PLS11 registration order form.
  • Settle securely your order through the online credit card payment method or bank transfer.

For inquiries including online registration and invoicing please contact:

Easy Conferences
Phone: +357-22-591900, fax: +357-22-591700
Postal Address: PO Box 24420, Nicosia 1704, Cyprus